Finding home within

I support you in befriending and getting to know yourself better. Encouraging you to leave behind what does not serve you anymore and create the life you truly wish for.

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Exile Coaching

We all long for a sense of coming home. The more we can find home within ourselves, the better we are able create it outside of ourselves.
We are diverse creatures, subject to internal struggles and to societal forces. In the process of finding home within we must reckon with all of that. Often we have to re-integrate aspects of ourselves that we have consciously or unconsciously exiled. It might also be time to free ourselves from (parts of) our old environment to seek out a temporary, self-chosen exile.
As humans belonging is necessary to our survival, so feeling exiled can be terrifying. At the same time, it can afford us the necessary freedom to question old assumptions and dogmas and to discover how to live authentically.
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About me

My name is Linda and I am a psychologist and psychotherapist in training (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT). In my work, I center kindness, curiosity – and humour!
I am influenced by being a Black person of African descent having grown up and living in a predominantly white society. This experience provides me with a felt sense of societal power dynamics, structural discrimination and privilege.
Having grown up in a strict Christian environment with dogmatic beliefs, I have experienced first-hand some of the harmful effects such an upbringing can have on one’s life.
Since emancipating myself from that background I have a passion for questioning religious, spiritual and other beliefs on the functions they fulfil and to what extent they are helpful in navigating our lives.
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My offering

I offer online and in person coaching sessions in Berlin. While I am a psychotherapist in training, these sessions are not a replacement for therapy.
The price for one session is €100 / 50 min.
Every session is unique. Mindfulness exercises, science-based information on how the human mind-body-system works, work with inner parts and a lot more can be part of a session.
I work in German (my mother tongue) and English.
People targeted by racism/BIPoC, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people identifying as non-monogamous and others who find themselves outside “the norm” are particularly welcome. I don’t believe it is possible to create truly “safe” spaces but in my sessions I aim to create a space that allows you to be vulnerable and explore what authenticity looks like for you.
Get in touch for a chat in which we find out if we would like to work with each other, online or in person.

Get in touch

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Even if you don't want to include a message here, I'll happily get back to you.
The Library, Prenzlauer Allee 45A, HH, 10405 Berlin